A single reciprocating Glide Path file

Constantly striving for innovation, DirectEndodontics developed a reciprocating glide path instrument to bring more safety, efficiency and predictability during the endodontic procedure.
Direct-R Glide is a reciprocating glide path instrument, alternative to single-file glide path reciprocating instrument, at our great low price and with free shipping. Universal and flexible, Direct-R Glide is recommended to be used in complex or calcified canals.


Direct-R Glide is a single reciprocating Glide Path file.

Efficiency: High cutting efficiency due to our flute and cutting edge design.

Safety: High cyclic fatigue resistance due to our innovative Gold Heat Treatment. Facilitates the progression of subsequent shaping files. Decreases procedural errors.

Flexibility: High flexibility that respects the root anatomy due to our innovative Gold Heat Treatment.

Short 11mm shaft

Silicone stopper


Gold Heat treated
NiTi material

ISO color coding

calibration rings

coronal 2/3 cross-section

apical 1/3 cross-section

Non-cutting tip


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